Thursday, June 28, 2012

Rachel's Senior Recital

We had a really busy day on Tuesday. Joe left for St Louis in the morning, I went to a quilting group for a few hours and then we headed out of town about 30 minutes or so to my aunt's house. Her oldest daughter was having her senior recital and grad party.
We had so much fun during the afternoon prepping for the party and visiting.

We had a delicious Mexican dinner. It was a huge hit. Even the pickiest of eaters (Lily!) ate. Love it!

As soon as the dinner was over we all headed over to the college that the recital was held at. She did an amazing job. The playing was so beautiful that Hannah (who desperately needed to go to the bathroom during the first piece) didn't want to leave because she didn't want to miss the "pretty music".

There was a little reception afterwards. It was nice to have time to sit around, let the kids burn off a little energy by running around the campus looking at fountains, and partake in all the tasty snacks.


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