Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sewing, School, Storytime, Dinner with Family

My mom and I made Flat Dolls for the kids when Matthew was born. They pulled them out again and the girls asked for necklaces for the dolls so my mom helped them do a little beading and sewing to attach necklaces to the dolls as well as add a little embellishment to some of the dresses with beads and pearls. Huge hit! Huge. They were so happy. After that was all done she did a little bit of "school" with Jake. He is going through the begindergarten bag that he got from the Kindergarten Round-up. He loves doing it.

We headed out to Barnes and Noble for storytime. My mom got herself a little book and the kids each an activity book for the car ride to Texas this summer. They are beside themselves with excitement. Everyday we hear, "when are we going to Texas?" I can't wait until their wait is over!

We rushed home after getting some lunch with some ancient gift certificates to Carls Jr, got ready to go to our eye appts and headed out of town. I had a job interview at a place on the way so we did that and then headed to our awesome eye dr. This time around all the pics are of Hannah since I was in the room with her and the others all went alone or with Joe.

Everyone is perfect, no one needs glasses. All the concerns they had with Jake's eyes are relieved, they are so much better. We headed over to my aunt Julie's house (where my mom spent the afternoon) and had a delicious dinner there, a little visiting and then headed home. So, so fun. I love family time!


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