Sunday, June 10, 2012

Under the Big Top

So exciting! We had Johnny and Casey come out for Lily's show for dance. They brought along a little surprise for the kids. MY MOM!!! We were so excited. The kids were in shock. :)
They met us at the place that we were having the dress rehearsal. We had a picnic first and then I took Lily in to the rehearsal while they hung out and played in the park-like area around the buildings.

This is the only single picture I got of her and it is blurry. Big bummer. Oh well, I will be getting her all fancied up again so that we can get her picture taken at JCP like last year.

The show was amazing! They all did a great job. She was a clown.

All three of the older kids get so sad when they have to say goodbye to anyone. We were so grateful for the time that everyone took out of their schedule to come and support our Lilybug. She loves all the attention! :)


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