Sunday, July 1, 2012

Project Life- Week 26

Sunday: Date night. Out for a movie and then Indian food. The perfect evening. I savored every.single.moment!

Tuesday: Rachel's Senior Recital. Amazing time. Read about it here.

Wednesday: Matthew disappeared. I was panicking, all the kids were panicking, we were all frantically looking when lo and behold, the baby was found sleeping in his bed. Some of you might say, "Oh, that's stupid. Why didn't you check there from the beginning?" Good question. Matthew hates his bed. He never likes to sleep in it. He likes to sleep with people. The fact that he would have put himself to bed never even crossed my mind. I will, however, be checking the bed first from now on since apparently he likes it now. :)

Friday: The kids were glued to this video of little Elijah Joseph. They loved watching him roll his eyes and pretend to cry.

This is day two for this burn. Lily had to go and touch a hot lightbulb and then cry when it hurt. Yep. that's my girl.

It was looking stormy all day long. The kids were out in the driveway playing with their toys, the hose and the water table when it started to rain. They immediately all ran into the house so that they wouldn't get wet. Who are these kids?

Saturday: We went to Chuck E Cheese's (obviously) for a combined birthday party. A brother and sister born 3 years apart on the same day. Nice planning, that is for sure. :) The kids all had a blast.

Pictures of the layouts to get added on tomorrow. It has been awhile but I have been trying to play catchup and haven't invested the time that I normally would. Maybe because school is out, summer is here and it is all about having fun.

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