Sunday, July 15, 2012

Project Life-Week 28

Sunday: We had an eventful day. Details here. I will just say that it involved 2 states, an unexpected ride, a night in a hotel, and just a little frustration on the part of mom and dad. The kids thought it was awesome!

Monday: The trip commences, finally. Matthew turned two! Happy birthday buddy!

Tuesday: Finally meeting our little nephew. What a cutie he is!

Wednesday: Tours of the Bureau of Engraving and Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. So fun!

Thursday: Happy engagement party for my brother and his fiance. We had an amazing meal! My mom and dad prayed for each of us. Such a great time together.

Friday: Trip to the waterpark. Love Groupon! We had so much fun hanging out in the water all afternoon. I am not going to talk about the extent of sunburn on Joe and myself. Thank you 102 degree weather!

Saturday: We spent the morning playing games and then headed out to Fort Worth in the afternoon to check out the stockade. We met up with Joe's mom's best friend and her husband. We had a fun time visiting and the kids enjoyed picking out candy, riding a train, checking out a petting zoo and catching the tail end of the cattle drive. Love those longhorns!

Super busy and somewhat relaxing. The perfect combination. :)


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