Friday, July 13, 2012

Texas Vacation- Day Six

Taking a minute or 60 to rest with the little tyrant. One squeek and my dad was readjusting and rocking. :) 

Patiently waiting for it to be time to go to the "waterpark".

Grandma and Elijah were a very welcome distraction.

Finally there! We had a little picnic outside the water park and then headed in. I don't think anyone was too interested in eating. Lily loved the little kid area as well as the wave pool.

Matthew started chilling. Casey took one for the team and kept him out of the water in the sun for a little to warm him up.

When we got back to the house there was a big package waiting from Gramma Laurie and Papa that was addressed to Matthew Joseph and Elijah Joseph. Matthew got two outfits, a pair of sandals, stickers, crayons, a sketchpad and coloring book. He was SO excited! He was instantly covered in stickers. :)


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