Monday, July 16, 2012

Texas Vacation- Day Nine

Saying goodbye is never fun. My mom and dad left just before us so we just had to eat breakfast and say goodbye to Josh, Ruthie, Elijah and Josh's mom, Kathy. I am excited that we will be seeing Josh, Ruthie and Elijah in just a few months when they come and stay with us for a little while. It will be fun to see how much he has grown. :) When I get pictures from Josh and Ruthie I will post some more. Josh has some from during the baptism and also our last day there.

This is just a cool church we saw from the distance on our way out of Dallas.

We actually got off the highway and took this picture, got back on and took the Oklahoma picture back to back. You do what you have to do! :)

Anytime we stopped to go to the bathroom this was the routine. Joe with the two boys and then me with the two girls.

When we pulled off to take the Kansas picture there was a car that pulled off behind us and they took this for us!

Cool dead trees in the middle of a lake.

There was a whole tableau of these on the side of the highway. There were cowboys, buffalo, and the a little ways down, this arrangement.

Kauffman. So pretty!

We had amazing seats! Joe got them on StubHub. They were $37 seats and he got 4 at $9 each. Love a great deal. He only got 4 because he thought that both Hannah and Matthew would be free. Any child 32" or shorter got in free. Not so much. We found out after we got home that Matthew is 34" and Hannah is just a tiny bit taller. Ooops.

Hannah was in love with the fountains!

It was oppressively hot so we got huge bottles of water in addition to the ones that we brought in. After we ate they were still hot so we go them each a snow cone.

I zoomed in a little for this picture but we basically were 6 rows up from the field. Ichiro was right in front of us for half the game.

We headed back to our hotel across the street (LOVE priceline) and got the kids down right away.


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