Sunday, July 8, 2012

Texas Vacation- Day One

Church, home to take care of a few last minute things, Joe did a visit and then to the open road! We had a good start... we did 3 hours uneventfully. No stops, no crying or complaining. All was well.

Then, we decided to pull over to take a picture of the kids in front of the Missouri sign. We jumped out of the car, took the picture and got right back in again. Joe went to put it in drive and nothing...
Nothing at all. The car was dead.

Mossouri does NOT welcome us. It hates us and doesn't want us to visit. EVER.

Joe started walking to the closest gas station while I hung out with the kids in the car and took pictures of the riveting scenery.

He ended up getting a tow truck to come out and pick us up. The kids and I had already started walking to the gas station since we thought that was where we were getting towed to. Not so much... The driver picked us all up and we (ALL 7 OF US!!!) rode in the cab of the tow truck to the shop to drop off the van. On a convenient note, there was a motel next door that we checked into for the night. We ordered dinner from pizza hut that the hotel manager was kind enough to go and pick up for us since there was no delivery option and we were car-less.

So, we broke down at 6:30, checked into the hotel at 8:30, got dinner a little after 9:00 and hit the hay around 10. Busy day full of waiting and waiting and waiting.


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