Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Texas Vacation- Day Three

After getting in super late/early coffee was a must have. The kids didn't seem to remember the 3:30am bedtime when they got up. Both Joe and I were exhausted.

We were very excited to meet our little Elijah. He is such a sweetie. Don't mind the grim expression here. He loved holding the baby! :)

When I walked in and saw this it took me back a few years. Joe would always sit and hold our babies while he worked/read/watched tv/slept. So fun to see him doing that with our godson now. :)

Grandma and I worked on projects with the kids... Lily and Jake both had some worksheets that they worked on so teacher Grandma was in her element.

Lily loved holding Elijah and took any opportunity she could to get in on that action.

Making the many times a day trek to Josh and Ruthie's from the house we were staying at. It was about 5 houses down so not too tedious.

My parents.

The kids ended the night with a movie on netflix watched via computer. Fortunately we all got some sleep.


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