Monday, July 9, 2012

Texas Vacation- Day Two

Cold cereal and English Muffins for breakfast. Then lots of walking around Lamoni (where we were stranded). It didn't take too long to go through the one Amish General Store. We got the kids lunch at MaidRite. At that point Joe left to go back to the shop since we ended up having to tow the car to a dealer. The kids and I wandered back to the shop and sat in their waiting room watching Cars 2. After what seemed like an eternity Joe got back with the fixed van. We got back on the road around 3:30. 

Super cute candles at the Amish store. Matthew was THAT kid. He broke one. :(

We stopped at a McDonalds for dinner and did a little mini celebration for Matthew. I felt bad since we were planning on being at Ruthies to have a proper celebration for him but he enjoyed himself. You don't have a whole lot of expectations when you turn two. :)

We didn't take pictures next to state signs today since the one for Kansas was in a terrible location and there was no safe way to do it and the rest were all passed in the dark. We will catch them all on the way home.

We saw so many beautiful scenes on our drive. God's creation is amazing!


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