Sunday, August 12, 2012

Project Life- Week 32

Saying goodbye to Virginia and Josh on Sunday. The kids were super sad. (So were we.)

Hannah had a playdate with a friend. She was so excited for an outing that was all about her!

Thursday morning we headed out at o'dark thirty for a baseball game in St Louis. We had never been to that ballpark so that is another one crossed off the list! Giants lost. It was super hot.

After the game we headed over to the Gateway Arch to check it out. It was amazing! The kids enjoyed walking through the museum there. It was so nice and cool. We ate dinner in St Louis and then headed to Bloomington, IL where we stayed the night.

Friday morning, after breakfast and lots of swimming, we headed to Chicago for a wedding. Joe was officiating. We got to the hotel, unpacked a little and then headed to the wedding site for the rehearsal and dinner. Such beautiful weather.

The wedding was beautiful. The kids did really well. (Thank you Nintendo for creating the DS. You are my hero!) There was a lot of sitting around before and after that most people didn't have to do but we did. The reception was so fun. They had a photobooth that the kids could have spent all night in.

That wraps up Week 32.


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