Thursday, September 6, 2012

Funny Story

I got to the in-home daycare that Matthew goes to the other day and was greeted with the sight of him sitting on his daycare providers lap with a super cute little girl who was probably only a year old.
I greeted them, picked up Matthew and was asking him about his day when he started in on this long story about Olivia (the little girl).

She apparently likes to touch his hair, his "piderman packpack", and his "bippy" (sippy). I asked him if he liked her and his response was a resounding "yeah!". I told him she was pretty cute and his response was "she have cute ponies". 

Your friendly PSA... if your almost one-year old daughter has little ponies beware. My son likes them half his age and with ponies. :) It appears to be a mutual admiration society. She really likes to rub his head. 

Love this kid. I may try to record him talking about her and post it. It is too funny!


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