Friday, September 14, 2012


Here we go... lots to share this week. I embarked on a trip to Ohio this past weekend with the kids on my own. It was a total of 19 hours in the car. Needless to say, I was a little twitchy by the time we finally got home. :)

These are one of my groopdealz scores. I love them.

Ever since Hannah got bumped up a level in gymnastics she has acted like this. A total drama queen. She is not interested in the new teachers, the new kids, the new stuff they do, or the new class time. Yes, she is drama.

Hannah's invites. 

We have had such a crazy summer, super hot and humid with little to no rain. It seems as though all the leaves are just dying and falling off the tree. There hasn't been a whole lot of color. This little tree is the most color I have seen so far.

Love that the weather has finally gotten cool enough to wear boots and jeans. My favorite clothing staples are back in commission! Woo-hoo.

I am still going strong with the photo a day thing. I love that I have made it two weeks this time. Here is to one more!

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