Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Project Life- Week 37

I am tired. That is the reason for the late update. I have had everything ready to go since Sunday night and just haven't made it a priority. Life happens, right? Right.

Here we go.

Sunday: The kids and I were in Ohio going to the funeral of a dear family friend. Joe was here at home, doing the pastor thing.

Monday: The kids and I were in Ohio and on our way home. Joe was working.

Tuesday: Getting back into the swing of things. These kids were actually loving on each other!! They either love or hate each other. Glad I caught this moment.

Thursday: Need I say more? She is 4!! She was very excited.

Friday: If you can't cry you laugh right?? I keep telling myself that with this child. He is constantly getting into something.

Saturday: Saying happy birthday to mom! We all got to talk to her while she was enjoying her day floating in the pool. :) SO thankful to have her in our lives! The kids LOVE our skyping sessions.

There are lots of extra inserts this week, I haven't quite figured all those out yet. Maybe one of these days I will get the book totally updated too.

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