Thursday, September 6, 2012

Things I love this week.

I started doing this weekly post in 2008. Yes, 2008. It didn't last long. 

1. I love cross stitching. I go in spurts. I will work on it every free minute I get and then not touch it for years. True story.... I am in a love it stage right now and have been taking that opportunity to try and finish the one I started before Matthew was born. He is two. So, I love it. I am a little sad that it is almost done without having a new one to start.


2. This toy.

 Matthew loves it. He spends hours playing with it. I couldn't be happier.


3.  Coconut Creamer. Seriously love it. I know it isn't terribly healthy. Sometimes you just have to indulge in what you love.


4. Sleep. I have been exhausted. The kind of exhausted where you find yourself waking up while you were washing the dishes. It has been an exhausting week. Can I wake up in a few days?


5. I always get to number 5 and then sit, waiting for inspiration to strike. Not so much this week. I am loving my visits with the kids teachers. I love hearing all the nice things that they had to say about my angels. I love that there is honesty. I love that I found out that the things that I have concerns about are things that they are happy to work on. I love consistency. 

What are your favorite things this week? 


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