Thursday, September 20, 2012

Things I love this week....

Here we are again. Missed a week. Oops.

1. I love cooler temps. We have had a brutal summer this year so the upper 30's and lower 40's in the mornings feel feel refreshing.

2. This one kind of goes hand in hand with number 1. There is some color showing now on the trees. Not a lot, not everywhere, but some. I don't think that there is going to be much this year. We are so down on rainfall that everything is dead.

3. I hate the fact that Hannah and Matthew are impossible to get to bed at night. I LOVE the fact that now I get the chance to lay with Hannah every night for a half hour just cuddling. She falls asleep easily when someone lays next to her. Joe takes Matthew and I take Hannah. Hopefully we eventually get to the point where she can just go to bed alone but for now I am enjoying my cuddle time.

4. Toys. I hate them so much. I get so upset everyday with everything being underfoot. Then, I realized that I have a few short years of toys underfoot. I am still not thrilled with the disasters or the sore toes and feet from stepping on stuff but I am going to look at the bigger picture. I love this time. I love that they are so imaginative. I love that there are constantly "shows" and "plays" in our house.

5. I love Quickbooks. We are switching to Quickbooks at work and I couldn't be happier! My work load should be decreased exponentially once it is completely up and running. Granted there is going to be some long hours getting it to that point but once we are there it will be awesome. :)


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