Thursday, October 11, 2012

Alaska- Update 3

October 7th. Sitting up in the chair! Looking almost normal! He had a lot of eye irritation so it was hard for him to keep them open. That is what happens when you sleep with one open. (Apparently while he was sedated they tried to tape his eye shut and it wasn't happening.)

There was lots of time spent in the waiting room. Elijah couldn't go back to the room so we all took turns hanging out with him. 

He did really well but it was a lot for the little guy at times.

Talking with the doctor about what happened. Up until this point I don't think he really knew much other than something went wrong. He was rather shocked to see us all there. He told the dr that he thought we all came out to bury him. We are so thankful that the outcome of our trip was so positive!!

Getting moved to the 4th floor! New digs!

The most exciting part of getting a new room??? The menu! He was so excited to finally be able to get some food into his stomach. (Funny side note: When he got the breathing tube out he said "My throat feels like my stomachs been cut" Haha! It had! He cracks us all up.)

Chowing down on his tray of many, many things. I think he ordered somewhere in the vicinity of 9-12 things. :)

The new room was significantly smaller than the first room so we actually spent a little time in the hallway where we weren't all sitting on each others laps. Apparently they didn't plan for 18 people in a room all at once. 

Elijah was finally allowed to hang out with the rest of us! It was nice to all be together.


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