Friday, October 12, 2012

Alaska- Update 4

I forgot to share the dinner pictures...

Chocolate anyone?

My mom took us to dinner at the Sourdough Mining Company. We had the Family Feast.
One word.

We were all really bummed when we realized that we forgot the leftovers. :(

The next morning we went to the hospital early. We visited for a little bit and then headed out for some sightseeing. He wanted to get a little rest so we gave him some peace and quiet.

Dr Randall (anesthesiologist) and Mama. She was the one who performed CPR. She came to check and see how he was doing everyday whenever she got a break from the OR. We love her. 

We went for a drive to see some glaciers. (Public service announcement... there are too many pictures of landscapes. I am weak. I can't choose my favorites.)

The moss forest was pretty cool.

We drove up a little further and then walked some more.

Esther and Dan

Ruthie and Elijah

My baby brother is a little bigger than I am. ;)


Ruthie, Johnny, Elijah and I went to Lake Hood to watch planes land and take off of the water. Pretty cool. It was kind of a bummer that we sat there for awhile and saw nothing and then as we were leaving there were several that came in at once.
Also, it was my first time driving in a car on a runway. Thank you Johnny for that unexpected pleasure! :)

Dinner. We loved this place. It was so tasty! Definitely worth the wait!


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