Friday, October 12, 2012

Alaska- Update 5

The Indian food dinner was our last night together. I went back, packed my bag and then headed to the hospital for my last night in Alaska. We spent some time chatting and once they gave him the sleeping meds my mom and I talked for a little bit before falling asleep. Around 3:00am we got up, headed back over to the house to pick up Johnny and then headed to the airport for our flight. Johnny and I were able to fly together to Minneapolis and then I went on to Des Moines.

This was a huge stuffed bear in the airport. Sorry for all the cell phone pictures in this post... The camera was just a little big to be dragging out constantly.

My seat was 1C. We assumed that 1 was first class. NOT. It was the first row, yes, of the worlds tiniest plane. This was all the space there was. Since I was in the first row they said that I couldn't carry anything on at all.

It was such an amazing trip. We may have all gathered together for a frightening reason but we had a great time together. It has been too long! Hopefully the next time will be less stress filled and more fun!

It was a huge relief to be home. Joe and the two little kids met me at the airport. When we got home the older ones were there with Marlys and Bridget. It was an exhausting trip but 100% worth it.


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