Saturday, October 20, 2012

Family Time- Day 1

Saturday morning brought some cleaning, gymnastics, and grocery shopping. Lily went to a costume party for girl scouts and ended up coming home "feeling sick". She doesn't do well with "scary" so I am guessing that a lot of it was just a Halloween thing and not so much an illness thing. The house the party was held at was home to some cats so we gave her a dose of Benedryl when she got home and that sent her into a drug coma for a few hours.

Surprise, surprise! While running around I got a phone call from my brother (who lives about 3 1/2 hours away). He was just 25 minutes away from our house. He came to spend the afternoon and have dinner with us before heading back home. We love that. I love him!
He spent the afternoon reading with Jake, cuddling with crabby Lily, helping me grocery shop and then partied with us for Jake's very belated 6th birthday party.

Yes, we did a Stay Wars cake. All the little guys were purchased at Walmart and were actually part of his birthday gift. You have never met a child more obsessed with Star Wars than this kid. 
Love that!

Unwrapping gifts... there was a theme. Star Wars and DS. 

You  know it. Lily the leech. She really does NOT like to say goodbye.

The kids were so excited when Gramma Laurie walked in the door at dinner time! We hadn't told any of the kids that she was coming so they were all totally surprised. I think Jake really enjoyed his "birthday gift" this year! :) The only thing that could have made it better would have been Papa showing up with her. We miss you!

Someone doesn't understand the term "personal space". Poor Joe. He just wanted to rest!


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