Sunday, October 21, 2012

Family Time- Day 2

Sunday. Church and then playing the rest of the day. Nothing more fun!
The kids went to the park with Gramma. I met them over there after taking care of a few things and was able to get some really fun pictures of them playing together. 

There were some big boys there with a sack full of weapons. They were more than happy to let Jake join in their game. He opted for, wait for it..... a lightsaber. I know. Shocker!

Hannah and Matthew decided to show Gramma what they were capable of. Obviously they needed a little help. 

Lily spent a little while swinging but eventually she ended up joining in the boy battle.

The little ones loved having someone who was willing to push them on the swing for an eternity.


When did she get so old?

Group discussion. 

Getting in a hug or five.

In trouble? Never fear. The Dapelo rescue team is on their way. The most responsible one behind the wheel. NOT.

This is one of about 10 pictures taken. No, none of them are better than this one. 
Yes, Lily was the x-factor in most of them.

On the way home.

Yes, I brought it out again this year. I love it so much!

The kids took turns sleeping in the basement with Gramma. They were all thrilled. Not sure about Gramma though. :) Some of them are quite the eggbeaters.


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