Sunday, October 28, 2012

Project Life- Week 43

Sunday: Church, playing at the park.... So fun. The kids had a blast showing Gramma all the fun things they like doing at the "wood park".

Monday: Grandparents Day at the preschool. They had a lot of fun. There was playing, doing crafts, decorating different kinds of pumpkins, a play, etc. Joe headed to St Louis for a pastors conference as well.

Tuesday was just normal. Hannah had a crazy fever so she didn't go to school.

Wednesday: Hannah went back to school. Matthew played at home with Gramma in the morning. She went to the kids school for lunch. Lunch with Jake and Lily, followed by a little visit to the classrooms and playground.

Thursday: The kids were so excited that Joe came home!! What a relief to have him back. We all missed him.

Friday: After lots of sewing Hannah got a beautiful nightgown that she adores and some princess slippers to go along with it.

Saturday: Saying goodbye is always a bummer. We took a picture of the girls in their semi-matching nightgowns. They love them. 

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