Sunday, November 25, 2012

Project Life- Week 47

Getting ready for surgery. Putting on a calm front. ;)

Hanging at the park. I love Matthew and Jake in this picture.

Trying hard to even out the weight. Four to one, still not enough!

Aaaah, technology. I love and hate you.

Hanging out at the Imaginarium. There were all kinds of fun things to do. The big "boys" may or may not have found a new science project to try at home after hearing the words "do not try this at home".

Thanks Josh for babysitting for us! You are awesome! BTW... Lincoln?? Great movie. Go see.

All together. Love these kids.

"Unca Josh, I tell you secret!"

Lily got to try ice skating for the first time ever. Love it. This definitely needs to happen again.

That's all she wrote. More to come later....


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