Sunday, December 30, 2012

Project Life- Week 52

Woo-hoo! The last week for the book. I will have the 30th and 31st in the new, 2013 edition. Looking forward to getting that started for sure!

Dec 24: Josh's birthday and Christmas Eve. More pics here.

Christmas Day: Presents, traveling. Busy day.

Dec 26th: Traveling. Dinner at Cracker Barrel. More pics here.

Dec 27th: Hanging with family in Rosemead. More pictures from that here.

Dec 28: Dinner with the Dapelo families. So wonderful to see them all. It had been too long. More pics here.

Dec 29: Funeral. The picture I used is personal so you can see some of the others here.

We had so many things going on and there were so many pictures that I ended up doing a TON of inserts. Pretty much one per day or event. I love that this project is so flexible.

That is the end... Closing the book on 2012 (literally) and moving on to 2013!
Thanks for sticking with me folks. It has been real!


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