Sunday, March 17, 2013

Project Life 2013 | Week 11

This week was an epic fail for pictures. I only used my phone. I never took out my big camera. Therefore most of them are instagrams so I haven't quite figured out how to get them into the book yet.

Unexpected treasure. Finding this note and a card from my grandpa (he died the week of Christmas) was so wonderful. 

Jacob can't seem to stay in his bed. I keep finding him in strange positions.

Just a moment with his godfather. He was being sassy. Can you tell?

Another one.

She loves him so much. (I think the feeling may be mutual!)

(disclaimer: this was taken while parked.)

Joe's favorite part of dinner at a Mexican restaurant.

Too cool while waiting for siblings to get out of school.

Trying to be like the big boys...

Big bummer that this road has been closed due to flooding. It makes the morning commute just that much longer.

Got the necklace we ordered for Gramma Jack. It turned out so cute!

Warming up finally! Can't wait for spring!

Ahh, yes. The request for stuff.

We uncovered this little gem. Yes, Joseph Dapelo of 1996. You make my day. :)


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