Sunday, June 16, 2013

Monday | Day 7

On Monday we headed to Sutter's Fort. Joe has been wanting to come here with the kids for quite some time, he came here for an overnight field trip as a kid and loved it.

Working on the kid sheet. They were quite diligent.

We let each of the kids pick out a really cheap little souvenir. Matthew's choice? Yo-yo. I have lost count of how many times I have rolled this back up for him. Worst.choice.ever.

Danny met us there and then we headed over to Capitol Park for a picnic. The kids loved running around and checking out all the flowers, trees, and wildlife. There were some VERY bold squirrels.

Matthew wasn't terribly interested in climbing trees. He was way more interested in playing with dirt.

After lunch we headed over to the Capitol. So pretty. The gardens are beautiful.

I don't think we are in Iowa anymore??!!!

The kids headed to church for their first night of VBS after some swimming. They loved it!

Everyone was exhausted. It was a long day!


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