Saturday, July 27, 2013

Alaska | Rehearsal

Dan's dad, Claude, took the kids out of the house during the prep time and shower so that we could get things done. So helpful! They loved exploring and hiking. 

Dan and his brother Paul checking things out.

Esther, all dressed up, Bangla style. :) We had a huge feast of rice and curry. I really hope someone took a picture of the sheer quantity of food that we ate and had out. It was all so delicious. Everyone pitched in and helped. You could not find a tastier meal!

Esther and Dan with her godparents, Ed and Karen Scott.

Esther got the girls fun Bengali outfits to wear. They loved them!

Sister picture during the rehearsal.

The skies were so amazing! I couldn't get over it. The sunsets would last for 6 hours, slowly changing colors.

Most of these pictures are from Joe Lee, our cousin. I was a huge flake and took very, very few. I am so thankful for these!


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