Monday, July 29, 2013

Alaska | Wedding (warning: LOTS of pictures)

Wedding Day!! July 23rd, 2013. We had lots to do...

Wildflowers were gathered on the sides of the road and in ditches, assembled into bouquets and mason jars. They turned out so beautiful! 

There was lots of getting ready to be had. The girls gathered in the in-house salon and did hair and makeup for hours. I am not entirely sure that I know what the guys were doing through all of that. :)

There were practice runs.

It was really, REALLY bright. And hot.

Beautiful mothers were escorted down the aisle by handsome sons.

Cousins turned photographers stood at the ready.


The wedding party... Dan's friend and sister-in-law walked in together.

Johnny and Esther's bestie walked in together.

Another friend with Ruthie.

Dan's brother and myself.

The most beautiful jr bridesmaid I have ever seen...

and then.... mass chaos.
All these children!

Hannah... She looked like a little fairy child.

Another one of the flowergirls.

The very responsible ring-bearer. He had the real rings and kept them very safe.

Matthew getting a head start down the aisle.

"Wait, I have to walk with her? I don't want to. I am three. I want to walk with Jakey or by myself."

"Fine, I will walk with her if I have to but I plan on pouting the whole way."

"Wait. I need to wipe my nose because I was pouting and crying. This vest is sure coming in handy. Have I mentioned that I don't want to walk with her?"

"My Bible is heavy. Hold on. I have to fix it."

The little cherub.

"Got my Bible under control and caught back up with this girl that I have to walk with. I still have boogers and my vest isn't cutting it."

"Sweet! Two birds, one stone. No more boogers and I got a little snack. Could it get better? If only I was done walking with this girl."

Such a beautiful bride!!

Matthew was a little tired.

Matthew-getting some love from his brother. Finally!

"Her mother and I do."

Kindness from Uncle Johnny.

Sitting quietly.

It's always interesting to bring props to a wedding! have and to hold...

Such a beautiful moment. While they lit their candle the music that was playing was a recording of my grandpa singing "This is the Day". A song that was written for his marriage to my grandma by my great-great aunt while sitting on a train on the way to the wedding. Since then he sang it at all 7 of his children's weddings and then again at mine and Ruthies. He would have been honored to sing it at Esther's but he passed away in December. I didn't know that she had planned on using the recording so as I watched them walking towards the candles and the music started the tears began to flow. Ruthie and I were a mess. 

A special prayer said by two of Esther's godparents. Her other godmother wasn't able to be there.

"You may kiss the bride!"

Mr and Mrs Pepin!!!

*Again, all but one picture in this post are taken by our cousin, Joe Lee. Seriously, saved my bacon. Big thanks!


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