Monday, August 12, 2013

A long overdue visit with friends!

SO EXCITING! Our friends, the Nelsons, were on a road trip to Minnesota from California and made a stop to see us! We were so excited to have them come. We haven't seen each other in 8 years so we were long overdue for a visit. We are a few more people than the last time we were together. We have each had three more children since seeing each other.

Our kids were instant friends. My kids were so sad to say goodbye. (check out Leah and Hannah! I love it!)

Checking out a worm. It was fascinating!

Lots and lots of hugging.

There may have been some attempts to get a goodbye kiss.

We had such a wonderful time. I was a little tired after our conversation until the wee hours in the morning but it was totally worth it. I didn't want to go bed and miss even a minute. Thank you so much for coming Josh and Emily! We loved it!


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