Saturday, August 24, 2013

First day of School!

The kids started school a little later this year than in previous years. I think they enjoyed that extra week of summer!

Seriously, I can only hope that this too shall pass. She always makes the craziest faces. 

Mr Diligent.

Hannah is really excited about starting school for big kids. She is looking forward to eating lunch in the cafeteria the most. Weird? I think so.

Matthew with his preschool sign. He didn't start the same day but was inconsolable about being left out of the fun so we did his early.

One more first day of school picture on the day that Matthew actually started.

Matthew on his first day of preschool. So exciting!

and one more... just because he is funny.

I love that the tradition on the first day of the 3 year old class is to make gingerbread men. So fun! They do the story, sing the song, go on a gingerbread hunt around the whole building and then eat them cookies for snack. So much fun for their first day.

The first day/week went really well for all of them. They had so much fun meeting all new people and getting used to new routines and schedules. 


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