Sunday, November 10, 2013

Project Life 2013 | Week 45

This week was kind of a bust with picture taking. Apparently we were too busy living life to document it. :)
The power team came to the school. It was pretty cool seeing the stuff that they did. I remember being in high school and watching them. 

One of the bushes outside of the house. So colorful and beautiful. These don't last long enough.

Some of the art from school. I LOVED the one on the right. Hannah did it in her class. The plate was world, next was country, next was state, then city, then neighborhood, then house. She drew a picture and/or colored each layer. 

Hannah has gotten on a Bible kick. She wants to read it whenever she has even just a minute and has developed a new love for this one from her godparents David and Rachel a few years ago. She loves that there is a page in there all about Hannah. :)

Well, that is all there is. Still trying to figure out how this is going to look in the book. Will hopefully update that later.


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