Sunday, November 17, 2013

Project Life 2013 | Week 46

Started out the week by working the soup table at church. There wasn't a lot left but we sold all the leftover soups from the soup and sandwich supper at church yesterday. Not gonna lie, the potato soup was delicious. I may have bought all of the leftover potato soup.

Going through all the shoes in the house to get bags ready to take to Minneapolis for Josh and Ruthie. These are just the girl shoes... there may be a problem. Fortunately almost all of these were bagged up and gotten rid of. The boys had just as many. 

Waking up early to head to Minnesota to say farewell to the Wagners. We are going to miss them more than words can say. 

Having breakfast with them in the morning. We were aiming for 8 and got there right before. It was a quick and easy trip.

Poor little thing. He wasn't feeling amazing. I was a little worried about how he would do on the plane with his congestion but found out later that he slept. A lot.

More chatting before loading up to leave.

Cutie. He is going to be gigantic and old the next time we see him. :(

He was loving climbing in and out of this bucket. Over and over and over.

The little quilt I made for him. It makes me so happy to see how much he likes it.

Just hanging at the airport while things are shuffled around so that each bag and trunk was exactly the right weight.

He was really interested in the baby leash until he realized that it meant he wasn't going to be able to go wherever he wanted. Then, not so much fun. He was trying to get away while all the rest of us laughed.

Elijah with one of his grandmas.

These two! Johnny surprised Ruthie by coming to the airport. I still find it hysterical that she was surprised.

Saying goodbye to his godmother wasn't easy for the little boy who has a hard time with goodbyes anyway.

One last picture together for a few years... 

After they left we went to lunch with Johnny at a little hole in the wall Mexican place and then went to IKEA for a quick stop. By the time we got home it was around 7:30. All in all, not a terribly long trip but it made for a long day.

Hannah has the most amazing bedhead in the history of bedhead. 

Making meatballs with daddy. She loves helping in the kitchen. I love that she doesn't freak out at touching raw meat. I don't love it but she had a blast.

Just a few mini ones for the small pockets. Joe got a new suit this week and while looking for it he stumbled on this gem. 


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