Saturday, November 23, 2013

Project Life 2013 | Week 47

The girls Christmas present arrived from my mom and dad today. So sweet! They are going to love them.

The sunset was amazing. The birds were amazing. The fact that Matthew took this picture is even more amazing. 

Speaking of Matthew, he is sick. The kids had the Caravan awards ceremony tonight and he just sat quietly in my lap the whole time napping off and one. He just isn't feeling good at all.

Christmas lights up downtown. So pretty!

Lily is getting her project on. She LOVES everything about this edition. She sat for quite some time sliding cards into the pages to "get ready".

As did Hannah. Hannah got whatever little bug Matthew had and it hit her hard. She was in bed for a few days before heading back to school. I am just relieved that she is feeling better.

The small ones. Hannah sleeping off her little bug she had. The boys room after painting all weekend. The ceiling is a dark blue and the walls a light gray. They love it. 


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