Sunday, December 22, 2013

Project Life 2013 | Week 51

The kids Christmas program at the church. They all did really well. Matthew was a sheep, Hannah was an angel, Jake was a wise man, and Lily was a reader.

She did really well considering she was feeling awful after her bout of whatever bug she had.

After the Christmas program we drove around a little looking at Christmas lights. This house was only a few blocks from us and the tree in their front yard is visible from a distance because it is so GIGANTIC!

Matthew decided that he wasn't a morning person. It lasted for the day. He was back to normal the next day.

Lily had a presentation at school about Christmas in another country. She chose Bangladesh. We did the posterboard, she wrote her speech/essay and dressed up. We also took in a sampling of food from the Indian restaurant in town. It was a huge hit.

Friday- the last day of school before Christmas break was cancelled for the big kids. They were all sad that they hadn't given their teachers their presents so we ran around and did deliveries to their homes. Fortunately Matthew's teachers were there for the afternoon class so we caught them there.

We "get" to have little Cindy Lou for the Christmas break. She is the class pet in Hannah's class. She is the tiniest little hamster (Robo Dwarf) that I have ever seen. We may have mice that are bigger. ;)

Some extras for the week. Christmas program pictures. I know the one of Jake is really blurry but it is the only one of him in his costume that he was so excited about so it gets to stay.

Huge news. Lily finally got her hair chopped off. Totally her choice. I didn't say anything to the hair dresser. Lily told her what she wanted and came out with this haircut. I was surprised to see how wavy it was once it wasn't so long. She LOVES it.

Of course as soon as Hannah saw that Lily went short she decided she wanted to as well so she got back up in the chair after getting her trim and got a few more inches cut off. They are both super cute with their new 'dos.


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