Sunday, January 5, 2014

Project Life 2014 | Week 1

Saying hello and goodbye. Hello to my parents and goodbye to Joe's. This may be the first time we have ever had a picture of our kids with both sets of grandparents. Love it!!

The girls loving on the new animal hats from Alaska. There is a moose, polar bear, brown bear and wolf. There was some debate about who got what but it was relatively good natured.

New years eve. My parents were craving chinese food so we ordered in and had a fun evening of visiting, playing games, and then when all the kids and some of the adults crashed, we turned on the Lord of the Rings movies and did a marathon. Fun times. I am pretty sure that there were only three people awake at midnight. 

New Years Day! Lots of chilling out. We ended up running to the convenient care. 

Johnny and Hannah came to town.We were excited to see them. Johnny proposed to Hannah and she said "yes"! Hurray! We went out to dinner at the Olive Garden to celebrate.

Johnny and Hannah headed out to go to Illinois to see her family after a HUGE breakfast feast. So tasty.

Saying goodbye to all the Christmas stuff until the next time we need it. Such a relief to get it all down and put away neatly. We said goodbye to my parents in the wee hours of the morning. The kids all got up to say goodbye so they ended up sleeping a lot today, draped over various couches.

Mini pics for the book. Spanish cream from our fancy rice and curry dinner. Also, the weather alert letting us know that the polar vortex was coming. Nothing like a Christmas break that is extended by 3 days. It's the break that never ended!

Title page (finally got the little picture on the page)

The full week

The right side

The left side


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