Sunday, January 26, 2014

Project Life 2014 | Week 4

Again. Beautiful sunset. I feel like we have had more colorful skies this winter than in the past. Maybe it is a result of the more frigid temps? Whatever causes it, I am thankful.

Jake got hit in the eye with the iPad. Yes, it hurts. We had the church council over for dinner. It was a fun evening!

Joe headed out of town to go to Fort Wayne for the rest of the week. The kids and I had a fun time. There were some hairy moments but overall went smoothly.

Movie night since school was cancelled for Thursday. All church activities were also cancelled so we ran a few errands after school and headed home for the night.

These kids were enjoying their snow day. 

We had quite the adventure on Thursday and by we, I mean me. Sometime during the night on Wednesday we ran out milk. Now, in some houses that isn't a big deal but in my house it is a travesty of unmentionable proportions. I was able to dig up some powdered Dano milk from my basement and made do with that during the night but knew that there was going to be a run to the corner store in the morning. I got up in the wee hours of the morning to head over there, hoping that the kids would stay asleep, started the car since the windchill was -33 degrees and headed back in to finish bundling up for the 10 minute trip (there and back). While I was getting ready Jacob woke up. I told him my plan and he said he would be the man of the house for the quick trip. He turned on cartoons, I drove to the store, grabbed my milk and headed back out to the car, all within five minutes. I had left it running so that it would stay warm and as I was turning out of my space the steering wheel locked up and wouldn't move. I started to panic, knowing the kids were home, ran into the store and the first employee that I saw happened to be the "store director". He grabbed a guy and they went out to my car to take a look at it after hearing my tale of woe. One of them thought that he could muscle it home for me so I hopped in, the store director followed us the few blocks back to the house and after thanking them profusely ran into the house to check on the kids. I was fully expecting hysterical crying from the neglected children. When I got into the house they were all up, sitting in the family room watching cartoons. Four little faces looked and me and said "hi mom, you're home already?" Seriously. 
I called a tow company and our mechanic and got the van where it needed to go. Found out that the power steering pump was shot and needed to be replaced. It was supposed to be ready that afternoon but difficulties getting a part pushed it back to Saturday at noon. That is a long time to be without a working vehicle my friends. A long time. 
People from work helped me out with getting the kids to school and home on Friday. People from church brought us a dinner one night. I am so thankful for amazing friends! This stuff only happens when Joe leaves...

Gymnastics for Hannah and Matthew on Saturday! He did a trial day and it went really well. He cried a little but snapped out of it pretty quickly and then LOVED it. 

We went bowling in the afternoon after a brunch at IHOP. The kids wanted to have a day of fun with Joe since they missed him so much while he was gone.

 More horribly cold weather. I am starting to get a little concerned about what the end of our year is going to look like with all the delays and cold days that we have been having.

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