Sunday, February 2, 2014

Project Life 2014 | Week 5

Five weeks into this project and I am still on track. Also, I still love it... even more important.

These two did a quick cuddle fest on the couch with the cozy blanket. Sometimes they are friends, sometimes not. I love when they are.

Getting 2014 project life assembled. LOVING this edition. I am really looking forward to the color that the pictures will bring to each week. 

This one is quietly crying into the couch because she can't go to school yet again thanks to the flu. Poor thing.

Yep, got these taken care of at the doctors office. They drained these puppies and sent out the yuck to get cultured. We should hear back about that soon.

Maverick installation.  Hopefully all the crashing that iPhoto is doing will stop after this.

The new routine. Flu meds for the whole family, antibiotic for Matthew and Hannah, epsom salts for soaking Matthews nasty fingers in, strep meds for Lily and Matthew. Update: Matthew's culture came back with strep and staph. Fantastic. 

Mini pics. Matthew emulating Elijah. Ridiculous weather again. HATE this polar vortex.

Hurray for one more in the book...


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