Sunday, February 9, 2014

Project Life 2014 | Week 6

Sunday: Lily sleeping from home to Buffalo Wild Wings. 10 minutes. Tops.

Monday: The teachers had a professional work day so the kids were out of school. We took the opportunity to run over to their old school so that they could say hello to their teachers from last year and whatever friends they could find out of class. So fun. Jake loved seeing his teacher.

When we walked by the library there were a bunch of Lily's friends in there and they all ran to the window and were calling her so we stopped in there really quickly and took a picture with them too.

Then we headed over to the lunchroom where Jake met up with three of his best friends from last year. So convenient. Who would have thought that they would just happen to be there?

Then we ran into Lily's teacher on his way into lunch as we were leaving. So awesome how everything just worked out perfectly. :)

After that we headed home. Lily took this out her window. So many birds!!

Tuesday: Hannah finally went back to school after her bout with influenza A. She lasted about 3 hours before having to go home with a raging fever. I took her into the doctors office- strep. Poor kid. She just can't catch a break.

Wednesday: Part of Lily's spelling homework was to do "delicious words". She had to write them out in something edible. Chocolate syrup was the name of the game. She was ecstatic.

Thursday: The sheer number of squirrels in our yard is frightening. There is all this smooth snow in our neighbors yard and half of ours. The other half is mangled thanks to the squirrels that have taken up residence in our front yard. They actually burrow under the snow! We counted 17 today.

Saturday: Happy anniversary to Joe and myself. We have been married 11 years. We started out the day with a family breakfast at Perkins. After that we ran Hannah to gymnastics. It was snowing so hard! Everything was totally covered in big fluffy flakes. After that we headed home and worked on the house a little before taking a nap... yep, glamorous. After that we headed out to church for a Valentines dinner put on as a fundraiser by the youth group. It was so fun, there were lots of audience participation skits, the food was tasty and we laughed a lot. Fun evening. 

Matthew with his "olafs". He also got the "hook-ups" after eating too many of them. Love that kid.

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