Monday, February 17, 2014

Project Life 2014 | Week 7

Sunday: Came home and found our bedroom ceiling leaking. Yup. Fantastic. Water everywhere. By the time I got in the house Joe was yelling for towels and a bucket. This bin is as good as it gets.

Monday: Character day at school. Hurray for Halloween costumes that work. :)

Tuesday: Decade Day. Hannah was 1950's, Lily was 1990's and Jake was the 1920's. So fun! Lily's comment was "great, so everyone else gets a fun outfit and I get stuck with ugly dresses and big hair?"  Haha... yes, honey. There wasn't a whole lot of good in the 90's. Sorry.

Wednesday: Pajama day.

Thursday: Nerd Day. Jake was majorly unhappy about having to wear pants from last year. HE settled down once he got there and saw everyone was. Hannah flat out refused. She wanted to wear normas school uniform with the glasses as the only exception. Lily wanted to wear her nerd clothes out and about because she thought they were awesome.

Friday: Purple out day for the school agers but Matthew and I had a fun day at home so I didn't get a picture of them dressed like that.  Besides, we needed a little bit of this face in this week! :)

Also from Friday... the boy has lunch ADD. He wanted a sandwich and then wanted crackers to go with the sandwich. Once he got those he realized that crackers would be so much better with cheese and salami so he got that too. Shockingly he ended up eating all of it.

Mini ones: Lily in her new homework spot. We will see how long that lasts. Also, we went to dinner on Saturday since Friday was kind of a bust. I love that Applebees has changed their kids menu and so do the kids. A little strawberry drink for me! :)

The kids Valentines.

Another picture that I LOVE from Decade Day. They are so awesome. Also, new nonsensical game that is getting way to much of everyones time. Flappy bird. It could be a bad word now. 

That's it for the week... more to come.


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