Sunday, February 23, 2014

Project Life 2014 | Week 8

I know it is shocking, we got more snow. 

This time it was wonderful because it was so warm the kids were able to go out and play in it. 

Joe came home later and before getting the snowblower out he played with them for a little bit. They were rolling around and having snowball fights.

 We had a warning of blizzard and thunderstorm conditions. The day started out with this ridiculous mix. It was wet but grainy all at the same time. It was a lot like pellets.

The frost on the windshield.

Took the kids to the doctor on the snow day... Lily and Jake still have strep, Hannah is up to walking pneumonia now. If anyone is counting: She has had Influenza A, followed by strep, followed by lice, followed by pinkeye, followed by walking pneumonia. It has been rough going for her. This is the only way I can keep track of all of the meds that we have going on in our house.

Quick dinner plan. Grilled cheese sandwiches. Smoked gouda, thinly slice apple, bacon, and sliced avocado. Delish. It was really tasty. The kids did "normal" grilled cheese and Jake had a grilled pb and j. 

The rest of these are extra pictures that are going in an insert.

Lily's class did chapel at the school. It was pretty cute. I was home with Matthew so we went to the school together to attend the chapel. It was so fun to be a part of it.

Done. Boom. One more in the books.

The insert


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