Sunday, March 16, 2014

Project Life 2014 | Week 11

The weather is beautiful! We turned off the heat, opened all the windows and the kids played so hard outside. It is a spring miracle!

Starting to experiment with foods other than jello and chicken broth. I am finding that it is quantity eaten at a time that I have trouble with, not the type. These fruit salads were being sold by the art students for $3. I at on it all day. Totally worth it.

Jake's class led chapel on Wednesday. He was the liturgist and was in his element. He wants to be a pastor like dad when he grows up. :)

Joe was able to come, so fun. Matthew's temporary sitter has a kid in the same class so she brought him along. He enjoyed being able to get a daddy fix in the middle of the day.

We had such nice weather the kids were all dying to go out and play but homework had to come first. Unfortunately, they didn't make it out before we had to leave for church. Lent.

Loving on this color palette.

I ran around all the classrooms to take pictures for the slideshow for the dinner auction. It is going to be so fun. I can't wait. Here is Jake in reading group. He goes to Lily's class for it so that is actually her teacher.

Hannah's class. 

We headed to the school on Thursday night for the faculty v student basketball game. Joe had Bible study so I took Lily to dance before we went to the game. I left just as the women were finishing their two quarters to pick her up. I left the other kids there to watch the dance team and the homecoming court walk out and made it back with her just after the men started their two quarters. It was fun to cheer on the faculty. The kids dinner consisted of whatever I could scrounge up from concessions. Awesome. 

Hannah's class had a police officer come to the class. They loved it.

I ran to the bank on Friday morning to take care of some business. I got there about 10  minutes before they opened and was surprised at how many people were standing around waiting for the bank to open before I realized that it was payday. Ooops. 

35* and the kids were of course outside because it was beautiful. 

Not even two hours later. 

Thank you Hannah. All the way through the entire house.

That's it for now. Woo-hoo. All caught up!


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