Sunday, March 2, 2014

Project Life 2014 | Week 9

We went to Matthew's open house at the preschool on Sunday. Lily spent all her time playing with the magnetic things and built a church amongst many other structures. She was particularly proud of this one after wrestling with the polarity of the magnets on the steeple for awhile.

Matthew and Hannah kind of floated from area to area. Puzzles, playdoh, building blocks, paint, etc.

Jake spent 3/4 of his time trying to build the worlds longest monkey chain with the barrel o monkeys but moved onto the worlds most amazing homemade playdoh. Seriously. I love this stuff.

After the open house we headed to Texas Roadhouse where Hannah and Matthew immediately fell asleep at the table. Once I get the pictures off of Joe's phone I will be able to include the one of Matthew.

Hannah fulfilling her duties as flag monitor. She takes her job very seriously. I love how little she looks in this picture.

Caught red handed. I am unsure as to why the 7 year old thought it necessary to climb into the fridge.

'Nuff said. Matthew is all blurry because the kid wouldn't stop laughing.

Quick trip to the ER for me. Acute gastritis is no joke people. 

I went into work on Friday just long enough to do payroll. After a few very loving and chastising texts from Joe's mom I texted her this picture to let her know that I was back in bed where I belonged. :)

Hannah was so proud of herself. She put a block in the middle of each square to make it a "party rug".
The nurse liked my little glow in the dark rainbow loom bracelet the girls made for me. It definitely worked (peeking out from the hospital band).

The full week


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